Praise of Youth CD

Praise of Youth CD

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The recording, recorded in February 2008 in the Tulindberg Hall of the Oulu Conservatory, contains Finnish solo songs with piano accompaniment. The performers are Joose Vähäsöyrinki, vocals and Juho Alakärppä, piano.

1. Praise of youth (O. Merikanto) 2.28
2. Pappani maja (T. Kuula) 1.24
3. I guess it was fun (T. Kuula) 2:00 a.m
4. My swing under the chamber window (T. Kuusisto) 0.44
5. Lullaby (T. Kuusisto) 1.46
6. For spring birds in the south (O. Merikanto) 1.36
7. Remembering (O. Merikanto) 3.57
8. For life (O. Merikanto) 2.20
9. Goodbye (O. Merikanto) 1.19
10. Good night (O. Merikanto) 2.57
11. Saturday evening (O. Merikanto) 3.04
12. You would cry sometimes in the evenings (L. Madetoja) 2.46
13. After leaving (L. Madetoja) 2.08
14. Dark herbs (L. Madetoja) 3.03
15. Autumn mood (T. Kuula) 3.20
16. Morning song (T. Kuula) 1:30 a.m
17. Summer night in the churchyard (T. Kuula) 3.07
18. Night (T. Kuula) 2.18
19. You cried (E. Melartin) 2.01
20. Cricket's Honeymoon (E. Melartin) 1.31
21. Flax weeder (E. Melartin) 2.06
22. Red-ribbed apples (E. Melartin) 1.31
23. In the evening (Y. Kilpinen) 1.46
24. Summer night (Y. Kilpinen) 2:00 a.m
25. For a song (Y. Kilpinen) 1.48
26. Oh mother Armas (I. Hannikainen) 2.32
27. Peace (I. Hannikainen) 2.09
Total duration: 61.34

The recording was recorded in the Tulindberg Hall of the Oulu Conservatory in February 2008.

Samuli Sorvari and Olli Heikkilä were responsible for recording and editing the album

The recording was supported by ESEK.

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