Keitä me olemme?

Lauluhuone on perheyritys, jonka takana on Ilona ja Joose Vähäsöyrinki.

Vuodesta 2006 lähtien olemme tuottaneet musiikkia aluksi CD-levyjen muodossa ja nykyään livestreamkonserttien ja Lauluhuone-sovelluksen välityksellä.

Lauluhuone on syntynyt siksi, koska uskomme, että ihmiset tarvitsevat ympärilleen yhä enemmän musiikin kauneutta ja sen lohduttavaa voimaa. Hyvinvointia ja yhteisöllisiä kokemuksia koskettavien konserttiemme välityksellä.

Lauluhuone tarjoaa helpon mahdollisuuden osallistua korkealaatuisiin konsertteihin kotisohvalta tai missä tahansa oletkin.

Vahva klassisen musiikin koulutus ja laajat verkostot muusikkoystäviimme ovat mahdollistaneet laadukkaat konsertit. Konserttien monipuoliset sisällöt nousevat arvopohjaltaan kristillisestä perinteestä.

T: Ilona ja Joose

Tarkemmat henkilöesittelyt täältä.

The story of the singing room

Lauluhuone is the name given by the log builder Jaakko Holma to the studio studio studio he carved in our yard in Kytäjoki. The building was completed by Christmas 2019 and right in the spring of 2020, when the corona pandemic swept over us, we opened a live broadcast and played hymns from here to comfort the people. 

JJoose Vähäsöyring's hymn and Christmas recordings since 2006 had gathered a large audience and the live broadcast from the Lauluhuone immediately attracted a huge number of viewers to our channel. Since then, we have broadcast more than 30 different live concert broadcasts from the Lauluhuone.

When Corona started, the business model we had created in a hurry came to an end with its challenges and the strong demand for the content we created led us to develop and launch our own Lauluhuone app. Lauluhuone is a family business and a shared dream of two musicians, Joose and Ilona Vähäsöyrinki. Thank you for watching and listening! We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to do this work!

"I was lifting walleye nets from the depths of Murtosaari when the phone rang. Had to crouch on the bottom of the boat to hear who was calling.

I don't remember what came out of the networks, but the caller was Joose and the question was, will you start doing... I promised." - Sculptor of the singing room, Jaakko Holma

The singing room is built as a meeting place for music and art. Architect and musician Antti Heikkilä achieved all our wishes and managed to conjure up a place where it is good and peaceful to be. Warm log walls create a space where creativity awakens and the mind calms down.

Lauluhuone is sheltered by a high rock next to beautiful nature in the traditional and historical village of Kytäjä.

”I was hauling pike nets from the Murtosaari deep when the phone rang. I had to crouch on the bottom of the boat to hear who was calling.

I don't remember what came over the net, but the caller was Joose and the question, "Will you start making... I promised." -The Sculptor of Lauluhuone, Jaakko Holma

"Merikannots was playing in Pösö at that time. I remember many a summer night, but let's take one here. We were rowing with Kari on Papinjärvi. We were talking about perch. I got inspired to sing.

Teeeervee waaaltias to light and night...

I stopped to catch my breath, but the song continued - someone answered from the other side:

You shall live and die the king. Filler to work...

The song echoed over the night lake like a great cathedral.

Thirteen years later, the phone rang on Murtosyvä on the boat. I leaned down to hear who was calling and what was on his mind.

It was the same man. Same boy and same spirit. It still is. I hope it always is." -Jaakko