Data protection

Data protection

Last updated on July 4, 2023.

Keeper of the customer register

Joverec Oy ( 2079377-3 )
info (ät)

Isonkylänkuja 6, 05720 HYVINKÄ

Contact person in matters concerning the register

Joose Vähäsöyrinki
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Registry name

Lauluhuone's customer register

Purpose of the register

The customers' personal data is used to manage the customer relationship, implement rights and obligations, and analyze, plan and develop the business. Users and their activities are recorded in a way where direct identification of the person is not possible. Third-party tools are used in the data collection and analysis of these statistics, but detailed personal information is not disclosed to third parties.

Information contained in the register

- The customer's contact information
- IP address
- Partial credit card information
- Order information and history
- Playlists
- Sessions
- Data addition date
- Data Editing Date

Paytrail collects the IP address, payment method and payment date in connection with the payment transaction.

The register's statutory data sources

The user enters the registry information when registering for the service. Order and usage data are collected automatically when the user uses the service.

Disclosure of information

The information can be disclosed to a competent authority or other entity in accordance with a requirement based on valid legislation. The information can also be disclosed in connection with a business acquisition.

User data may be disclosed to third parties in a contractual relationship with the data controller, but not for their own use. In connection with orders, the payment intermediary processes identifiable personal data on behalf of the service provider. For user statistics, the service provider's partner collects information about the activity on the page, but the user cannot be directly identified based on this information.

As a rule, personal data is not transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area, unless it is necessary for the technical implementation of the service or for another justified reason. In this case, the data controller ensures an adequate and legally required level of data protection.

Data retention period

Information is stored in the service until the user deletes his user account. You can delete the account using the button in the profile.

Log data is stored for one year, after which it is automatically deleted. Backups are kept for a maximum of one month, after which they are automatically deleted. The listening statistics are not deleted from the service, but are used to monitor the use of the service and for other statistical purposes. Old payment transactions are stored in the service to enable accounting monitoring.

Registry protection

The register is located on a server protected by a firewall, passwords and other generally accepted technical means, to which only persons employed by the registrar have access. Backups are stored in an application protected by a password and key numbers. Agreements and their copies are kept protected: physical copies behind locks and digital copies protected with passwords.

Rights of the registrant

The registered person has the right to check his/her own data in the register and, if necessary, to correct it and to transfer data to another system. Inspection, correction and transfer requests must be sent to the controller in writing and they will be answered within a reasonable time required by law. An inspection request can be made free of charge once a year.

The registered person has the right to be forgotten and to delete his own account. The registrant can prevent the use of cookies in the service from the browser settings, but in this case, for example, logging into the service will not work.

Use of cookies on the page

The website uses cookies, for example, for logging in and for statistics on the number of visitors, the general location of users, the browser they use, and device information. The user cannot be directly identified from the collected statistics.