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Interesting concerts and themed evenings in the spring and autumn season 2023.

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1 year membership gift subscription

1 year membership gift subscription

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Buy a year's membership to the Lauluhuone as a gift. Place an order with your details. After placing your order, you will receive a PDF of the gift voucher by email, which you can print or send as an attachment to the gift recipient. The gift card will include instructions for the recipient on how to activate their membership.

You can purchase this product at any time and deliver the gift card to the gift recipient at any time. The membership will take effect when the gift recipient contacts us and we activate the one-year membership to begin.

A new era begins at the Lauluhuone on 5.9.2023

The changes are designed to improve the service and offer a wider range of opportunities to enjoy concerts and moving music.

Paid livestream concerts:

From autumn 2023 onwards, concerts in the Lauluhuone will no longer be free to watch. In future, only those who have purchased a membership to the Lauluhuone will be able to watch concerts. Concerts will be displayed on this website and in the Lauluhuone app. We have made significant improvements to our service, increasing the number of concerts and, most importantly, launching the new Lauluhuone app. All these changes require a fee.

New Lauluhuone -app:

We are proud to present the new Lauluhuone app, which enables an even better user experience. The app provides easier access to our concerts and other content. Past concerts can be found broken down into songs or as complete concert experiences. In addition, all the CDs we have made can be found on the app. New albums are in the pipeline, which will only be released on the app. 

Benefits of the membership:

Members will get these special benefits:

Recordings of past concerts: You can enjoy songs from past concerts, broken down by song or as a complete concert experience.

Atleast two new concerts per month: We offer you at least two new concerts every month, so you can always find new music.

High quality sound and picture quality: A quality listening and viewing experience is important to us.

You can watch on any device: Watch broadcasts in the app or -sivustolla.

Already almost 1000 music tracks available and more coming every week! Add songs to your favourites and build your favourite playlists

A high-quality app with top features!

The price of the membership:

You can now get a quality music experience for as little as €10.90 per month. If you choose to buy an annual renewable membership, you'll save two months' worth, and an annual membership costs just €109. There's also a day ticket for €5.90, so no one has to miss out on a community concert experience. We've also catered for people living in the same household with cheaper memberships so that every family member can have their own Singing Room on their device.

These changes will help us to continue to provide high quality concerts and music, and to improve our service even further. We are grateful for your support and look forward to sharing a rich musical experience with you.

If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact our customer service.

Thank you for being a part of the Lauluhuone!

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