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Recording of Lauluhuone's hymn evening from Viinika church on 10.2.23 at 8 p.m

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By purchasing this product, you will receive a link to the recording of Lauluhuone's hymn evening from Viinika Church, which was sent on Friday 10.2.23 at 8 p.m.

Chamber Choir Kaarto, conducted by Anna Stina Nyman
Martti Syrjäniemi, organ
Joose Vähäsöyrinki, baritone and flute
Ilona Vähäsöyrinki, piano
Laura Pietiläinen, violin
Arvi Lumme, trumpet


Ilona Vähäsöyrinki, Lauluhuone

It's a pleasure to come
Hymn 195, version from Kalanni, arranged by Martti Syrjäniemi

We thank the Lord by singing
Song of Zion 125, composed by Melchor Vulpuis, arranged by Anna-Mari Linna
say Pekka Kinnunen, new Niilo Rauhala

Tidal Hymn:
Good is the Lord
hymn 324, German 1565, arranged by Ritva Holma, organ chorale arranged by Martti Syrjäniemi
Finnish to the hymn book 1701, revised by Julius Krohn,

Common hymn:
You walk with Jesus
hymn 319, composed by Rikhard Mäkinen, obligato acc. Martti Syrjäniemi
say August Verner Jaakkola, new Anna-Maija Raittila,

I wish I could from my Jesus
Hymn 343, version from Ostrobothnia, arranged by Yrjö Koskimäki
say Helmi Mäkeläinen, new Niilo Rauhala

On the way we are here
Folk song, arranged by Riittalisa Hakulinen
say Vihtori Nylund

Common hymn:
In you, Christ, was once created
Hymn 479, composed by Georg Neumark, words Niilo Rauhala, obligato acc. Martti Syrjäniemi

Tidal Hymn:
Holy Spirit, Comforter
Hymn 117, version from Pohjois-Savo,
say Paul Gerhardt, obligato acc. Martti Syrjäniemi, Finnish. 1701, new committee 1937,

I remember the day as blissful
Hymn 312, Finnish version, arranged by Antti Heikkilä
say Spiritual songs of willing souls, new Wilhelmi Malmivaara

The traveler's mind returns
composed by Johann Sebastian Bach
say unknown

Tidal Hymn:
Fear away now
hymn 928, composed by Lars Moberg, acc. Martti Syrjäniemi
say Y. Eggeborn, fin. Niilo Rauhala, arranged Martti Syrjäniemi

Lord Jesus with your spirit
Hymn 204, set in Germany, acc. Martti Syrjäniemi, Finnish. Jaakko Havio, arranged Martti Syrjäniemi

Oh how I could
Song of Zion 299, German translation. from the tune, arranged by Heli Moilanen
say Hannes Holma, new Inkeri Karvonen

Common hymn:
You are God, your people acknowledge you
hymn 321, composed by Ilmari Krohn, acc. Martti Syrjäniemi
say Lars Stenbäck, fin. Elias Lönnrot, new Niilo Rauhala,

Now the noise subsides
hymn 565, composed by T. Ilmari Haapalainen, arranged by Bengt Berg
say Lars Thunberg, Finnish Anna-Mailja Raittila and T. Ilmari Haapalainen


Common hymn:
To you, Christ, we give thanks
Hymn 551, composed by Axel von Kothen, obligaton acc. Martti Syrjäniemi
say Nicolaus Selencer, fin. 1701, new committee

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The singing room is built as a meeting place for music and art. Architect and musician Antti Heikkilä achieved all our wishes and managed to conjure up a place where it is good and peaceful to be. Warm log walls create a space where creativity awakens and the mind calms down.

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