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Vocal group A-Men
Led by Mikko Peltokorpi
Musical ensemble
Mezzo-soprano Melis Jaatinen
Baritone Joose Vähäsöyrinki
Pianist Juho Alakärppä

1. A song about a squirrel
2. In our challenge
3. Lake Inari
4. Sauna vihdat
5. Back there in the forest
6. The day rises
7. Mother's heart
8. Lapland's mother's lullaby
9. Nocturne
10. Kilpisjärvi's mighty Saana
11. One rose has grown in the valley
12. To a rock, a hill
13. By the lake
14. Finland, my country
15. For the evening, op. 17 no. 6
16. Summer night in the churchyard
17. Berceuse

ISRC FI-JC7-17-00020...000037


Illustration: Lotta Vuorma, taidehuone.blogspot.fi

Graphic design and layout: Kari Vesterinen, karijuhanigraphics.com

Texts: Hannu Holma, lauluyhyttea-men.blogspot.fi

Recording: Kössi Koponen, Sonic Factory Oy

Mixing and mastering: Hannu Hattunen

Recorded in Klaukkala church

Producer: Joverec Oy, www.joverec.com

Vocal group A-Men

The brightest sounds

Matti Rautakoski

Heikki Saukonoja

Pekka Ahola

asked Lehtola

Jussi Holma

Johan Holma

Lauri Hietala

Individual second tenors

Ari Vuorenmaa

Jaakko Niinikoski

Jari Pitkälä

Jorma Holma

Hannu Holma

Cruel number one basses

Kari Tyni

Jarkko Pitkälä

Heikki Marjanen

Pertti Haapalainen

Tuomas Perkkiö

Joose Vähäsöyrinki

Real basses

Tommi (Tami) Karttunen

Petri Lahtinen

Jori Pitkälä

Antti Liikanen

Aapo Holma

Musical ensemble


Ville Koponen, Amanda Ernesaks, Taru Kircher, Veera Kuusirati

Eveliina Kilpijärvi, Atso Lehto


Tuija Rantamäki, Greta Ernesaks

Double bass

Marja-Helena Ojanperä


Jussi Jaatinen


Aino Joensuu


A lot of memories are associated with the childhood home, which are significant pieces that also build the present. The home somehow had its own spirit, smells and different routines. Things got their own familiar words.

Finland's own language is considered one of the most important factors in Finland's independence. When conversing in any foreign language, you can notice how much it limits communication and the sensitivity of the conversation. Some things are difficult to describe exactly how you would like the idea to be conveyed to the recipient. Music is its own language, which penetrates the surface of thoughts, easily penetrating people's subconscious, memory and further becoming a part of memories. When you hear familiar music somewhere abroad, you can feel like you're at home. It feels especially great if the music is Finnish. With familiar music playing, you can feel at home anywhere in the world.

As we live in a time of internationalization, new music constantly creates those familiar and recognizable features among people. With music, we build our homeland for the next generations. In his evening cry, the veteran urges to tell the children in songs...
The album has collected the songs that have been creating the common spirit of the homeland and the inner circle of Finnishness. The melodies, lyrics and interpretation of the songs contain countless catchphrases that defend the national connection and increase the Finnish sense of togetherness.

As independent Finland turns 100 years old, especially younger people may ask themselves what that independence really means to me. What is the freedom we want to defend? In Finland, we have been pioneers in promoting equality, thanks to which we are now among the top countries in the world measured by many metrics. The right to vote for everyone, freedom of religion, democracy offering equal opportunities, civilization. In such a home you can feel safe. You want to strengthen the walls and roof of such a home with the notes, the musical language, with which it was built.

Folk songs sung in our own language and internationally highly regarded composers have strongly built our identity. On the occasion of the centenary of independent Finland, it is natural to bring to the surface songs that are important to Finns. The album contains music from the entire journey of Finnish history, from rugged beautiful Lapland to the green forests and lakes of Central Finland.

Old songs known and loved by many have been given a modern color and insightful interpretations in the arrangements of the bright artists of our time. With the song selections, we have tried to find those Finnish breakers who can turn on the lights in the minds of the rooms of the childhood home. No one can take away the memory that is stored in music.

That's why Home.

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Singing room

The singing room is built as a meeting place for music and art. Architect and musician Antti Heikkilä achieved all our wishes and managed to conjure up a place where it is good and peaceful to be. Warm log walls create a space where creativity awakens and the mind calms down.

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