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Thank the Lord II mp3 file

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Kiittäkä Herraa II is a follow-up to the 2007 version of Kiittäkää Herraa! - a sequel made in the spirit of the album. The album was made with the same lineup and the repertoire is Siion's songs and Virret. Syvänniemi church in Kuopio's Karttula was chosen as the recording location, which has a wonderfully tuned organ and great acoustics. The album was recorded in August 2012.

Joose Vähäsöyrinki , song

Vesa Kajava , organ

1. Sing, people of God SL 195

2. Oh God, how I rejoice SL 60

3. Jesus, the only one V 318

4. Silence, Savior SL 316

5. You walk in the company of Jesus V 319

6. I live by mercy V 275

7. A merciful heart is our Savior SL 58

8. Ah Jesus, my Lord V 308

9. This hugs my soul SL 157

10. I wanted to sing about Jesus SL 62

11. Is the home where the storms land SL 167

12. SL 320 on the religious road through the eyes of the young

13. The wind of grace carries SL 315

14. Ah, knew faith in the possession of the Lord V 370

15.  You, God V 321

Total duration [55.05]

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