Recording of the Easter concert from Lauluhuone on 13 April 2022

Recording of the Easter concert from Lauluhuone on 13 April 2022

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13.4.2022 Easter concert from Lauluhuone

Vocal group: Soprano - Johanna Suomala, Ilona Vähäsöyrinki

Alto - Venla Hartikainen, Suvi Linnanmäki-Koskela

Tenor - Tommi Niskala, Juha Paukkeri

Bass - Toni Hintsala, Joose Vähäsöyrinki

Solo vocals: Toni Hintsala, Tommi Niskala, Johanna Suomala, Joose Vähäsöyrinki

Organ and piano: Elisa Vikki

Flute: Joose Vähäsöyrinki

Text reading: Juha Paukkeri


Initial outline

Palm Sunday epistolary motet composed by Tuomo Nikkola, text from the Bible Phil. 2: 5-11

Isaiah 53: 2-3

Go from the herb garden to the path Såv. Ja sa. Carl G. Liander, fin. Martti Ruuth

Matt. 27: 45–50

The death of the savior, composed by Friedrich Silcher, san. And Finnish unknown

Jes. 53: 4-5

O Nazarene op. 6 no. 2 Tuned by Taneli Kuusisto, san. Mika Waltari

Zion's buying herd Heikki Klemetti, son. Leonard Typpö, arranged by Martti Syrjäniemi

1. Peter 2: 22-24

In the spirit, I look at Jesus in pain Sv. Joel Blombqvist, san. Matti Suo, arranged by Eero Kukko

Jesus is dear from above, by Martti Syrjäniemi, san. Pentti Seppänen

There is a resting place, a sweet Finnish folk song, sa. Juho E. Pietiläinen

The cross is green Niilo Rauhala: I walk near springs

Brothers and sisters of Jesus Repetition of a German folk tune, arranged by Liisa Keränen, dir. Juho Ranginen, edited/new Niilo Rauhala

Luke 24: 1-12

Now Jesus Christ Has Risen is a medieval tune from Germany, arranged by Johann Sebastian Bach, son. Martti Luther, Finnish. Jaakko Finno

Sintin poinsa Finnish folk song, proverb. Fredrik Natanael Beskow, fin. Hilja Haahti, new Niilo Rauhala

When Easter has come Niilo Rauhala: I walk near the springs

Our sun rose up T. Jonas Andersson, san. Leonard Typpö, arranged by Lauri-Kalle Kallunki

Raise your eyes from the land of sorrow Kansansävelmä, proverb. Leonard Typpö, new Pentti Seppänen, new Inkeri Karvonen, arranged by Juha Paukkeri

Final plot

Praise of the Lamb Tuned by Tuomo Nikkola, Birger Gran, san. From the Bible John 10: 11, 28 and Rev. 7: 12-17

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