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Singing online course

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Suitable for anyone interested in singing, regardless of skill level, who wants to develop and understand their own voice use. You will learn to practice on your own and after taking the course you will have a clear view of the technique of using your voice and how you can learn to feel and hear in which direction you should develop your voice.

The content of the course is really extensive. It mostly consists of videos where Joose teaches what he has learned about singing. In addition, material also in text form. The course content is available for 12 months from the start of the course.

Joose studied as a vocal pedagogue at the Sibelius Academy and graduated in 2010.

-technology and understanding of voice use (voice physiology)

-lots of versatile practical exercises and sound maintenance

- the freedom, ease and flow of the song

- control the dynamics of the voice, Sing quietly or loudly in a controlled manner

- effective means to capture the audience, the singer's charisma

-presentational stress

-as an interpreter of emotions

-long lines, legato and phrasing

Your teacher

Baritone Joose Vähäsöyrinki, born in Oulunsalo in 1981, is a Finnish lied and oratorio singer. He is known as the soloist of many carol and Christmas albums and as a concert singer.

Vähäsöyrinki began his music studies as an elementary school student playing the flute and he began his vocal studies at the Oulu Conservatory in 2000 under the direction of Raimo Niemikorven, continued in the church music section of the Sibelius Academy in Kuopio under Olavi Hautsalo, and in 2010 he completed his A degree in singing at the vocal music department in Helsinki under the guidance of Timo Honkonen. In addition, he has studied at the Salzburg Mozarteum under professors Wolfgang Holzmair and Kjellaug Tesaker. Angelica Kirchschlager, Jorma Hynninen, Petteri Salomaa and John Thomasson have taught her master classes.

In 2006, in the Kangasniemi singing competition, Vähäsöyrinki achieved a shared second place, when the first prize was not awarded in the competition.

In 2019, Vähäsöyringi completed the Lauluhuone, which he built together with his pianist wife, Ilona Vähäsöyringi, and they have broadcast numerous livestream concerts from there. Joose Vähäsöyrinki is also the founder of Laatusoitin Oy, which restores and sells acoustic pianos and grand pianos.