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Would you like to learn new piano pieces and take your technique to the next level? What about learning to accompany with chords in a versatile way? In this course, you will learn effective training methods that will surely improve you! With the versatile course, you will enrich the different areas of your playing technique and your expressiveness, learn new songs, learn to accompany basic chords in different ways while strengthening your knowledge of keys, develop as an improviser and, if you wish, know how to transpose familiar tunes to different pitches. Sounds great, doesn't it? And it is!


The LEVEL 1 course is suitable for a player who knows the basics of piano playing and wants to develop further into a skilled player. The level of the course roughly corresponds to the basic level 1 of the music college (old 1/3, excluding the very basics). The course consists of 15 lessons that are broad and versatile in content. The material is available for one year from the start of the course, so you can study according to your own schedule when it suits you.


  • to play new nice songs that represent different styles and periods
  • to develop your playing technique to a whole new level
  • to accompany with chords in a versatile way
  • to improvise their own songs
  • to transpose, i.e. move familiar melodies to different pitches

In the LEVEL 1 course we travel along a fun path of keys, along which the following 10 keys become familiar: C major & A minor, G major & E minor, F major & D minor, D major & B minor, and B major & G minor

In the lessons, we alternately delve into each of the above types of music by studying :

  • the song in that key
  • a scale with triads & cadences that develops finger and playing technique
  • a song accompanied in different ways by the I-IV-V chords belonging to the keys (you will also learn the basic chord symbols of these chords)
  • improvising based on the I-IV-V chords of each key in turn

Between delving into major-minor couples about every 3rd lesson :

  • we also study songs of different styles, which bring additional spice
  • we learn to chord melodies ourselves
  • traditional Finnish folk tunes are transposed into different keys
  • wider improvisation ensembles are practiced

In addition, you will learn many other things, e.g.:

  • enrichment of expressiveness
  • keyboard control and note reading skills from the large octave range to the 2-line octave range (in the range of four octaves)
  • pedal operation
  • new time values
  • new rhythms
  • raised and lowered notes, with which the black keys become familiar
  • dynamics on a wider scale (pp, mp, p, mf, f, ff)
  • new rhythmic genres
  • more music vocabulary



"I practically started from scratch to learn, now I can already play with two hands very nicely."

Eveliina Vuorma, Vantaa

"Overall, the course was a very good way to learn how to play the piano and strengthen the already learned, slightly rusty skills! Thank you, and I recommend it!"

Iida Vänskä, Outokumpu

"The online piano school is a great thing for those who live in the country! I spend my days working in the center of Kuusamo. In the evening, you should go back to the center if that's where your hobby is."

Maria and Virpi Orjasniemi, Kuusamo
Your teacher

Ilona Vähäsöyrinki (née Kava) from Kontiolahti, North Karelia, started her professional piano studies at the Joensuu Conservatory with a minor in organ, after which she continued her studies in Kuopio at the Sibelius Academy of the University of the Arts and Savonia University of Applied Sciences, completing a piano pedagogy degree in 2013 and a master's degree in church music in 2014, majoring in organ.

Jaakko Untamala was the teacher in the professional piano studies. In addition, the master courses have been taught by e.g. Erik T. Tawastjerna and Olli Mustonen. In Lied music, Vähäsöyrinki has been guided by Irina Zahharenkova, Heikki Pellinen, Ilmo Ranta, Ilkka Paananen and Marita Viitasalo.

In the years 2012-2015, Vähäsöyrinki worked at the Kuopio Conservatory as a piano teacher and substitute.

After moving to Kytäjä in Hyvinkää, he has worked as an entrepreneur in the music industry and mainly works with the following things: Lauluhuone.fi concert activities, private piano lessons, Nettipianokoulu Ilo and Lapsikuoro Ilo.

The musician couple Ilona and Joose Vähäsöyrinki often perform together at public concerts and private events.

Payment with cultural benefits

With us, you can also pay with these cultural benefits. If necessary, see the instructions below in the "Frequently Asked Questions" section.

frequently asked

Yes! Place a normal course order in the Nettipianokoulu online store, but choose "Payment with cultural benefit" as the payment method. After that, make the payment through the culture application and send the receipt/voucher to ilona@nettepianokoulu.fi, after which you will receive the link & credentials to the course page within 24 hours of payment.

Payment methods include ePassi, Edenred and Eazybreak and Smartum.



Pay with the ePassi mobile application or by sending
text message: 49904 space and the amount of the course
to the number 050 90 23456.

After payment, send your contact information to ilona@nettipianokoulu.fi and you will receive a link and credentials to the course platform in your email within 24 hours.


Instructions can be found here


The customer receives the voucher on his mobile phone by selecting the location Nettipianokoulu Ilo from his user account / application or by sending a text message the location code to the phone number 18171.

Location code for Eazybreak SMS payments:


You can pay with the SmartumPay application, as a Smartum online payment; search for service provider Nettipianokoulu Ilo (Joverec oy)


You can pay with Smartum vouchers by mailing them to Nettipianokoulu Ilo, Isonkylänkuja 6, 05720 Hyvinkää. Include your name, phone number and email address.

If you want to pay for the course only partially with the cultural benefit, take the band and I will send a payment link for the rest of the course to your email.

If the cultural benefit is only partially enough to pay for the course and the cultural benefit payment application does not offer the possibility to pay the remaining part separately, please contact the band: ilona@nettipianokoulu.fi - I will send the payment link for the remaining part to your email.

You will receive a link to the email address you provided during the payment phase of the course, where you can set yourself a password and log in to the course page. So you can start the course right away!

The teacher of the course is Ilona Vähäsöyrinki, master of music and piano pedagogue, with over 15 years of teaching experience. His vision is that as many as possible who dream of playing the piano could learn to play and enjoy the joy of playing! That's why he has built the course very carefully and with strong professional skills, so that by following the course instructions, you can't help but learn!

During the order phase, fill in the details of the gift recipient in the delivery address contact information, and NOTE that the email address is also the gift recipient's (the order confirmation with the course link goes to the gift recipient).

The content of the course is planned based on the level performance guidelines of the Association of Finnish music schools, and the teaching progresses consistently, just like in the classroom teaching at music schools.

It's good to have a piano, preferably an acoustic one, but an electric piano will do just fine too! Even with a skipper, at least the Startti course can be completed.

All material related to the course is at your disposal for one year from the moment the course starts, so you can study and review it at your own pace whenever and wherever you want. You should print/save the printable material for yourself before the right to study ends.

The teacher doesn't leave you alone with your questions, but you can always get additional support during the course if you need it, for example by e-mail or in the closed Facebook group of course participants.